Free tickets for Foruli London event!

Foruli, the publisher of the limited edition book and record sets ‘Bill Bruford: The Autobiography,’ will be holding an exclusive invitation-only launch event in London in October.

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More Fall dates…

Additional dates have been added to Bill's Fall US itinerary. He will be talking loosely about his career and bands, attitudes to music, and the perils of playing percussion in public. There will no hands-on [...]

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Yes in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Thanks to Phill Marder for sending in his Goldmine article on Yes' continuing absence from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His finding - that of approximately 260 inductees currently listed in the Rock Hall, only [...]

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Bill in upcoming VH1 documentary

Hard at work spilling the beans. Bill was today interviewed for a 11-part TV series called Metal Evolution, to premiere on VH1 Classics in America this November. The shows explore all the roots of heavy [...]

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Back in the USA…

Bill's talks last time went very well, and he is currently in early negotiation with Tama Drums to arrange more speaking dates in the U.S. mid-west this autumn. Confirmed details will be posted here as [...]

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A few Signed Autobiogs available!

There have been several requests for more signed copies of the autobiography to be made available. Once again the ever-helpful Tama Drums has stepped into the breach - Bill has signed and dated a small [...]

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What’s it like working with Jon Anderson and Steve Howe?

Every Tuesday the wonderful Tama Drums is posting portions of a Q&A session with Bill over on their Facebook page, filmed on his recent book tour in the US. Things got underway on Tuesday February 22nd [...]

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Job done

It's been a pleasure, and was a lot of fun for Bill.

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