The passing of Mick Karn

With many others I’m saddened to hear of the recent death of Mick Karn, who recently at age 52 lost his struggle with cancer. Master of the fretless snakebass, I played with him and guitarist [...]

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Bruford rummages in Yes archive…

Rummaging through his early Yes posters for an upcoming book project, Bill came across this fine example of the sort of intricate poster art that was much used on the European scene in the 60s [...]

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Jigging about in cyber-space

After at least a decade of frantic music-business-related computerising, it may be helpful to try to stand back and attempt to assess the net effect of the arrival of the machine into our musicianly lives. [...]

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‘Obviously much more than just a drummer…’ by Bill

With a lean and hungry Yes, 1969: L-R Anderson, Bruford, Banks, Squire, Kaye. I was again reminded of the generally low esteem in which the drummer is held by that description of a drumming colleague, [...]

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Sheet music for Bill’s songs

The music for the CD If Summer Had Its Ghosts. Several people have written recently asking about Bill's material in sheet music form. Just a reminder that 44 instrumental parts to some 15 Bruford compositions [...]

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September 20th 1974 King Crimson ‘ceased to exist’…

Another happy day on the road. L-R Wetton, Cross, Bruford, and Fripp wait for transport in the lobby of a hotel somewhere in Europe, 1974. Frequent enforced hiatuses became part of the working practice of [...]

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Semi-pro Bill

The Breed c.1967 - L-R Stu Murray (gtr), Bill (drms and vibes), Mike Freeman (sax), Ray Bennett (bs), Doug Kennard (gtr,vcls).

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Personalised CDs / DVDs

Following the success of the fun and popular personalised book offer last year, and for a limited time only, Bill is personalising any Summerfold and Winterfold CD or DVD, as well as his autobiography. Simply [...]

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