March Questions answered by Bill…

With Adrian Belew, King Crimson guitarist and singer, c1984 Fernando Hurtado - Date: 28.02.2011 - What do you think the drummer of the future will be? There are great drummers that are doing some great [...]

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Tips on composing drum parts for songs: part 2

Music for the 1997 Summerfold album 'If Summer Had Its Ghosts'. The following fairly complicated question came in, and I thought it might be good to try to air an answer in public. It’s a [...]

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Hayman Drums and April’s Responses

Earthworks, Saarbrucken, Germany, 2004. L-R Gwilym Simcock, Tim Garland, Mark Hodgson, Bill Prompted by the front cover photo of the book, which shows a scarily youthful Bruford in action, plenty of people have asked 'when [...]

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Bass Players, Odd-time Signatures, and Remote Hi-hats…

This picture at Duke University, Raleigh, N.C. in late 1971 shows Bill sound-checking his complete two-floor tom Hayman kit. Note the Hayman snare has been demoted to spare in favour of his ‘Roundabout’ Ludwig snare. [...]

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Limited Edition 2-Disc Vinyl Album ‘From Conception to Birth’

Pictured: the limited edition artwork. As you may have gathered, Foruli Limited Editions Books are publishing a special edition of my autobiography this Fall. Among several other interesting features of this, there is a two-disc vinyl album [...]

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Nature Abhors a Vacuum

No, it's not me when I was younger. It's an unidentified dance-band drummer at Mark Foy's Empress Ballroom, Sydney, Australia. Date unknown. Nature abhors a vacuum. Build roads, attract more cars. Empty cupboard space. Can’t [...]

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Wit and Wisdom on the road…

Kazumi Watanabe Group poster: see Adam Garrie's question below. Hi Everyone – If you haven’t seen Gavin Harrison on a recent Letterman, check it out on youtube. His playing is sublime – and in a [...]

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October’s Questions Answered

Photo shows the outer slip-box of the new Foruli Limited Edition autobiography with unique section of well-gigged Bruford Paiste cymbal embedded in the spine! +++++++++++++++++++++++ I’m just back from the USA after a short but [...]

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Right now, Europe has it

Having just been in the US and then Sweden, and addressing plenty of young musicians in both, thoughts cannot help but turn to the relative merits of life in each for the young musician, were [...]

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Archive Photo

L-R Stu Murray, Bill, Nick Bigsby, Dave Molyneux, Mike Miller. November 1964 Evidence at last that Bill can lay claim to being a real musician, and not "just a drummer"! While the 15-year old Bruford [...]

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