King Crimson

Having settled into “character” in Crimson, Bill playing Elvin Jones to Pat Mastelotto’s Ringo Starr, the two begin an artistically fruitful collaboration over a two month European and American tour in May and June.

With Pat connecting the band to an audience with the steady entry-level pulse, Bill is free to move within and around that, metrically and timbrally. Wheels within wheels, large slow cogs and small fast ones, wood to metal, metal to wood. Its unlikely that US Theatres have had such an imaginative rock percussion section, or likely will in the future.

A second leg in the Fall in Japan and the US is equally well received, but domestically the strain is beginning to tell, Carolyn’s patience exhausted. The only thought after this 9 week tour, with five morale-breaking days off in San Francisco, is “Never again”.