King Crimson

One of those 10 day groups meets for a refreshing and short tour of Holland. The “World Percussion Ensemble”; Chad Wackerman, Luis Conte, Doudou N’Daiye Rose, and Bill, flowers briefly.

A similarly short tour of Poland with Polish musicians follows, before return to active service, once again, with the Crimsons. The band plays throughout the summer in Europe, Mexico and the US. Now fully ensconced behind Perspex screens, and tragically separated from the audience, Bill suffers many nights of playing to only himself, as the angle of his screens turns it into one giant mirror, through which an audience can dimly be perceived, but with nothing like the sharp focus of the image of himself. Patience can be stretched no further. By the penultimate gig, he is experiencing sharp pains in the left wrist on every stroke. A Philadelphia hand surgeon confirms the next day that nothing is broken or severely damaged, and what turns out to be Bill’s final gig with King Crimson is played out with packs of ice, and through a fog of painkillers.