Earthworks II

The second edition of Earthworks, as acoustic as possible, heads out on a February European tour with a fresh book of tunes written largely by Bill. With Hamilton, Geoff Gascoigne, and Patrick Clahar, and alternating with B.L.U.E. dates in Japan and America, the new Earthworks plays in the material prior to a relatively painless 3-day session at Livingston Studios in North London.

With the lumbering Crimson firmly behind him, Bill covers a lot of miles with the wind in his sails. But the industry is changing rapidly, and the working milieu in which the creative musician exists is about to change forever, with the onset of the website, email, downloading of music, and Sibelius. Bill starts a diary, just as the barest record of the astonishing complexity of dovetailing domestic and professional life. What doesn’t kill you, he hopes, strengthens you.