Earthworks II

The UK west country, Japan, Spain, and South Africa are all visited before the May release of “The Sound of Surprise” and the serious business of what may turn out to be Bruford’s last 16 date coast-to coast US tour. The road-work is generally profitable and Bill is leading the only UK jazz quartet to regularly tour North America.

Permanently tied to administration, Bill composes no more, and barely keeps in shape on the set.

Constant Visa requirements mean that each band member will need two passports – one in use, the other at a Consulate.

Refurbishment at home.

Managing the band still appears to be effective, and some sort of fun, but sleep is disappearing rapidly. Somewhere around this time Bill achieves a first of concertising after only four hours sleep, and four hours with intermittent dozing is all he’s going to get at this pace.

Despite Carolyn’s unparalleled support, dove-tailing the professional with the domestic remains as complex as ever. In the Fall, a disappointing Cork Jazz Festival is followed by the band’s third substantial UK tour, but this one, mercifully, is not followed by recording sessions.

A December trip to Los Angeles – a 13,000 mile round trip – for a 45 minute appearance was not, perhaps, the wisest move.

With Tim Garland in mind, Patrick Clahar is asked to leave the band.