Earthworks II / Bruford-Borstlap

Gathering all his own recorded efforts under one roof, Bill forms Summerfold and Winterfold Records, following his exit from the ailing DGM Records, his home for the past eight years. Distributed by another new partner, Rob Ayling, at Voiceprint, “Random Acts of Happiness” is the first CD from Summerfold, released in the Spring. An ambitious schedule of expanded and re-mastered re-releases and fresh material is planned to follow. A juicy Summer tour, representing the fruit of some 8 months heavy emailing, and with the astonishing Gwilym Simcock now on piano, is booked for April to July. Under continual pressure to re-invent, half-a-dozen dates are sewn in to the itinerary for Earthworks Underground, the nine-piece little big-band co-led with the ever-creative Tim Garland.

Autumn sees the release of fresh material with his Dutch partner Michiel Borstlap, and the year ends with a week spent recording a New York edition of Earthworks Underground in action at Iridium, with this recording to be the next Summerfold major release. There are now some 8 titles out on the new labels, with another dozen planned for the end of next year.