Earthworks II / Bruford-Borstlap

Much time spent rummaging though archive material as the pace of re-issues quickens at Summerfold / Winterfold. Bill appears to be permanently strapped to the computer—the new coal face—as are so many of his colleagues. By the end of the year there will be some 22 titles on the growing new labels, and public response is encouraging.

Earthworks drifts artistically, as Bill remains uncertain as to its future development. Offers of concerts in far off places continue to arrive, but the band functions mostly on repertoire, and breaks little new ground. World Drummers Ensemble reconvene in Holland, and Bill records that and Earthworks with Gwilym Simcock for later release on Summerfold. It seems that all fresh recordings will now be live—its quicker, easier, cheaper, and, if you can get footage, you have a DualDisc or DVD.

A combination of logistical simplicity, good pay, and better profile tips the balance in favour of doing some drum clinics. Having avoided them like the plague since his extensive outing in October 1982 at the beginning of his relationship with Tama, Bill now re-opens negotiations. If the market has grown enormously in the intervening 24 years, it has also become more scientific, and brand Bruford has to be test-marketed at retail before it gets the go-ahead.