Back to School

Removal from active service as a full time performer affords Bill the opportunity to stand back a little, and reflect. The first half of the year he teaches a short course in ‘Musicianship for Drummers’ at the local Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford. Surrey, UK, and subsequently contributes to the school’s new M.A. course in Music Performance. Lectures and informal talks continue at retail drumstore level in the USA, and then in Swedish Universities. It’s becoming apparent that the best way – or at least a way – he can contribute to the ongoing discourse about drums and drumming may be from an academic background. In September Bill enrols as a postgraduate student at doctoral level in the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences at Surrey University, with a view to researching notions of creativity and the drumset.

November sees the release by Foruli Publications of Bill’s popular autobiography as a special hand-bound signed limited edition. This is accompanied by two vinyl discs of demos and master recordings called ‘From Conception to Birth’.