For those who haven’t seen them yet, here are the details for the celebration of the life of the late, great guitarist Allan Holdsworth on April 15th in California. Bill will be in Buffalo, NY on his U.S. speaking tour so is unable to attend, but will offer a brief video contribution to the event, to go along with those from Mark King, Jennifer Batten, Steve Vai, and Jamie Glaser among others. Those who bought the boxed set of Bill’s work with Allan in the Bruford group will have noticed the entire box is dedicated to Allan’s memory. Co-organiser Greg Beaton has produced a really neat little Vimeo of Allan in action. If you’re new to Allan’s music and are trying to find out what all the fuss is about, try the opening solo of the album “UK” 1977 In the Dead of Nightfrom 2’57 to 4’34” on this video. In his autobiography, Bill has this as “94 seconds of liquid passion married to a blinding technical facility that was to go down in the annals of rock guitar history. All the hallmarks of his brilliant playing were there… poise, pace, melody, the Slonimsky interval jumps, the whammy-bar [tremolo arm], and all over a killer groove.”