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Surfacing from academia with a PhD to his credit, Dr. Bruford writes a second book, informed by his research findings, for the University of Michigan Press. In the Spring, he takes time out to attend [...]

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2012 – 2016

Effectively off-grid to the residual demands of the music industries, Bill pursues his research in creativity and popular music performance under the watchful eye of his supervisor, Dr. Milton Mermikides. Among his other, many distinctions, [...]

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Back to School Removal from active service as a full time performer affords Bill the opportunity to stand back a little, and reflect. The first half of the year he teaches a short course in [...]

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Lectures and Talks Following the February release of the Network of Sparks CD called 'One', featuring Bill and percussionist Pete Lockett (BBSF024CD), much of the rest of the year is taken up with lectures and [...]

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Retirement from the stage On January 1st Bill ceased activities behind a drumkit on the public stage, the announcement of which drew almost as much interest as his original departure from 'Yes'. The extra time [...]

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Bruford-Borstlap John Cumming’s estimation of demand for Bruford-Borstlap proves over-optimistic, and May’s tour is no more than a few scattered dates. Earthworks gets a final outing at Ronnie Scott’s in the summer. The increasing effort [...]

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Bruford-Borstlap / Drum Clinics After four years of steady nurturing, Winterfold and Summerfold are flourishing with about thirty titles across the two labels. The year starts slowly with the release of the two Earthworks Anthology [...]

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Earthworks II / Bruford-Borstlap Bill stays on after Earthworks' first trip to S.E.Asia to deliver drum workshops in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. With an appearance at the much tougher Montreal Drum Festival accepted for [...]

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Earthworks II / Bruford-Borstlap Much time spent rummaging though archive material as the pace of re-issues quickens at Summerfold / Winterfold. Bill appears to be permanently strapped to the computer—the new coal face—as are so [...]

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Earthworks II / Bruford-Borstlap Gathering all his own recorded efforts under one roof, Bill forms Summerfold and Winterfold Records, following his exit from the ailing DGM Records, his home for the past eight years. Distributed [...]

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