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Earthworks I With Yes out of the way, Earthworks continues full steam with an eighteen date trip to Germany, again, rounded off with an excellent Jazz Café in London, well-attended by a strong contingent of [...]

2017-10-26T10:13:49+01:00October 26th, 1993|


Earthworks 1 / Yes A last Yes trip to Japan in March is preceded by Earthworks German dates. In a German hotel room Bill takes a call from manager Mark Fenwick to the effect that [...]

2017-10-26T10:13:31+01:00October 26th, 1992|


Earthworks I / Yes A cold January in central Germany recording Earthworks’ third CD, with friend David Torn, producing. Work starts, almost to the hour, that the “100 hour” First Gulf War starts, and concludes, [...]

2017-10-26T10:13:15+01:00October 26th, 1991|


Earthworks I A.B.W.H. continues on the road in Japan and America, but the band, which is just finding its musical legs and the beginnings of an identity distinct from its distinguished parentage, is about to [...]

2017-10-26T10:12:53+01:00October 26th, 1990|


Earthworks I / ABWH Jon Anderson, vocalist from Yes, had visited innocently and socially in the previous Fall, and suggested Bill work on Jon’s upcoming album. Seemed innocent enough, but at the airport on the [...]

2017-10-26T10:12:30+01:00October 26th, 1989|


Earthworks I A further CD for Kazumi Watanabe is recorded with Bill on the long-promised, state-of-the-art kit from Simmons, which, like all kits from that brilliant designer, immediately proves problematic. Earthworks tour through the summer, [...]

2017-10-26T10:12:09+01:00October 26th, 1988|


Earthworks I A February German club tour with the Torn group, now with Mick Karn on bass, introduces Bill to a level of work-comfortable, low stress, satisfactorily paid that he was previously unaware existed. Seems [...]

2017-10-26T10:11:54+01:00October 26th, 1987|


Earthworks 1 A year of short sessions and concerts with a number of employers, mostly forgettable, with the notable exception of David Torn. With Tony Levin and Mark Isham, the group record “Cloud About Mercury” [...]

2017-10-26T10:11:34+01:00October 26th, 1986|


Moraz-Bruford With Crimson having departed the scene again, there is more time to devote to the piano and drums duo. Work starts in Geneva on “Flags”, but the addition of electronic keyboards seems to dilute [...]

2017-10-26T10:11:14+01:00October 26th, 1985|


King Crimson / Moraz-Bruford Bill’s mother dies unexpectedly, while staying in America. Work commitments are mercifully light until the Spring, when Moraz – Bruford does some European dates prior to the lengthy final King Crimson [...]

2017-10-26T10:10:49+01:00October 26th, 1984|