Bill in Sweden in November.

Following his trip to the US, Bill will be visiting several academic insitutions in Sweden in November. His talks are based loosely around the notion of ‘The Creative Musician in a Commercial World’. Several of these are private events, but here are the details of the three open to the public:

Monday, Nov. 7, 18.00

  • Liljeforssalen
  • Royal College of Music (Musikhögskolan), Malmö
  • Students & teachers at the College of Music: free
  • Members of Jazz i Malmö: free (membership cards can be bought for 100 SKr at the lecture; student memberships cost 20 SKr)

Tuesday, Nov 8, 13.15

  • Room 314, Josephson building
  • Department of Cultural Studies, division of musicology
  • Biskopsgatan 5, Lund
  • Lund University
  • Open to the public – free entrance – but students have top priority

Wednesday, Nov. 9, 19.00

  • Ihresalen
  • Campus Engelska Parken
  • Thunbergsgatan 3H
  • Uppsala
  • Entrance: Free
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