Bill’s latest podcast at ‘Echoes’ hosted by the extremely knowledgeable John Diliberto is available on Tuesday September 25th. In fact, Bill’s had quite a run of podcasts recently, loosely linked around the themes of his new book ‘Uncharted’, but also ranging widely beyond that. These should be available for a while. Catch him at:

Nakedly examined life: with Mark Linsenmayer: October 2nd 2016

Jazziz: with Michael Fagien: February 14th 2018

Drummer’s Resource: with Nick Ruffini: May 7th 2018

Echoes: with John Diliberto: September 25th 2018

The Trap Set : Joe Wong. This has been recorded but is not yet available. We’ll keep you advised.  The pic is of course a young Earthworks complete with 1980s haircuts.