25 all-time great double-drumming tracks.

Adam Budofsky at Modern Drummer magazine dropped us a note to say - if you missed it the first time around - here's his excellent piece on the Top 25 Double Drumming tracks of all time. This [...]

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Upcoming BBC TV series looks good.

Bill starts the New Year with a bang, and three media appearances. He's currently featured in the current edition of the UK's Drummer Magazine alongside Josh Freese. You can also find him at Record Collector Magazine - [...]

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The guestbook is no more – R.I.P.

Comment and reaction seem to have migrated to the ever popular Facebook. The poor old guestbook has been subjected to massive spam recently, so it's time for it to be put quietly to bed. Answers to outstanding [...]

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Music Industry Association awards and fund-raiser.

There will be a Silent Auction of a range of signed music memorabilia tonight at the MIA Music Awards gala dinner, with the proceeds going to the charity Music for All. Foruli Publications in conjunction [...]

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Complete Foruli package pictured.

Shipping begins on or before November 21st for lucky customers who have already pre-ordered the mouth-wateringly beautiful Limited Edition Autobiography package (pictured above). Full details at Foruli, and just a reminder that it is available at [...]

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Unavailable anywhere else!

Why shop at the THE shop for the Bruford maniac? The three best reasons: Unavailable anywhere else: the Autographed Series of CDs, DVDs, and photos: (see above sample) Unavailable anywhere else: T-shirts, merchandise,‘themed’ packets of [...]

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Bill in Sweden in November.

Following his trip to the US, Bill will be visiting several academic insitutions in Sweden in November. His talks are based loosely around the notion of 'The Creative Musician in a Commercial World'. Several of [...]

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Foruli live event with Bill in London October 5th

There will be a launch party for the limited editions sets of Bill Bruford: The Autobiography, including the new album From Conception to Birth. The event will be at The Forge in London on 5th October [...]

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Free tickets for Foruli London event!

Foruli, the publisher of the limited edition book and record sets ‘Bill Bruford: The Autobiography,’ will be holding an exclusive invitation-only launch event in London in October.

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More Fall dates…

Additional dates have been added to Bill's Fall US itinerary. He will be talking loosely about his career and bands, attitudes to music, and the perils of playing percussion in public. There will no hands-on [...]

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