...for beginners, educators, anxious mothers and those who still don’t think drums are musical instruments. 1. It's intensely physical: The practice of all musical instruments requires a good deal of physical control and perhaps even [...]

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What if? Knowing when to change the game.

In social media and down the pub a favourite game for music fans seems to be ‘‘What If?’  ‘What if’ your favourite band had stayed together, or X had continued to play with Y? Top [...]

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Doing it ‘well enough’

In our family, my portly but genial brother was not academically inclined. This was cause for worry on our mother’s part, but “Little Billy?” she would say, “No need to worry about him, he’ll be [...]

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“Don’t you miss it?”

August 26 1996: Last date with King Crimson. It’s been 22 years since I last played with KC, bless its heart, and it feels like I played with them only a couple of weeks ago. [...]

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Chris Squire’s ‘Fish out of Water’

The imminent re-release of Chris Squire’s Fish out of Water as a lavish box set  (a box set of one album…?) has sparked interest in my involvement, and questions are coming my way about the [...]

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My recent brush with academia has been exhausting, illuminating, provocative and dispiriting - sometimes all at once. It’s been a longish journey beginning Autumn 2011 when I enrolled at Surrey University in the UK. I [...]

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January 1st 2018: Half-century up!

I’d like to thank all our friends and visitors for your support through 2017 and for dropping by and having a look around on Facebook or here on my new site. Looks like 2018 is [...]

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‘Lighthouse’ Point the way

Those interested in state of the art acoustic fusion - and Lighthouse may have to forgive me for using the ‘f’ word - need look no further than this highly-skilled UK jazz trio. Comprising two ex-Earthworkers, [...]

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September’s Questions Answered

Max Roach and Art Blakey. Hi Everyone – today it’s just answers to last month’s questions. Fabian Broicher - Date: 24.09.2011 - I've read somewhere, Bill, I just can't remember where, that you once wrote [...]

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