Dining with the great and the good…

More food. On tour you've got to keep body and soul together, after all. In Memphis TN, these guys are the guys you want to thank for all their help with equipment over the years. [...]

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Drummers that write and writers that drum.

L-R: Mark Guiliana, Billy Ward, Michael Parillo (Associate Editor, Modern Drummer magazine), Bruford, Adam Budofsky (Editorial Director, Modern Drummer).

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Letter from America

Roy Harper's 'Trigger', 1975. It was weird being on tour in the US recently, this time without a drum kit. In my playing days, we used to fly vast quantities of drums and specialist percussion [...]

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Questions answered

Gong taking a rest-stop, Norway December 1974: L-R unidentified, unidentified, Carolyn Bruford, Mike Howlett (bass), Didier Malherbe (saxophone). Michael DeAngury from Charlotte, North Carolina 17.01.2011 has a great set of photos from a Yes gig [...]

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Congratulations to eagle-eyed reader.

Congratulations to Russell Whitworth, who discovered the (accidental) deliberate error in the recent list of '10 Albums that Changed My Life'. In number 7 - Miles' Bitches Brew - the Ornette Coleman album is in [...]

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February’s questions answered.

With Genesis c.1976: L-R front: Rutherford, Collins, Hackett. L-R rear: Banks, Bruford. Continuing thanks to all for kind comments about my literary efforts. The book continues to sell steadily on a growing word of mouth [...]

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March Questions answered by Bill…

With Adrian Belew, King Crimson guitarist and singer, c1984 Fernando Hurtado - Date: 28.02.2011 - What do you think the drummer of the future will be? There are great drummers that are doing some great [...]

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Tips on composing drum parts for songs: part 2

Music for the 1997 Summerfold album 'If Summer Had Its Ghosts'. The following fairly complicated question came in, and I thought it might be good to try to air an answer in public. It’s a [...]

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Hayman Drums and April’s Responses

Earthworks, Saarbrucken, Germany, 2004. L-R Gwilym Simcock, Tim Garland, Mark Hodgson, Bill Prompted by the front cover photo of the book, which shows a scarily youthful Bruford in action, plenty of people have asked 'when [...]

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