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Gong taking a rest-stop, Norway December 1974: L-R unidentified, unidentified, Carolyn Bruford, Mike Howlett (bass), Didier Malherbe (saxophone). Michael DeAngury from Charlotte, North Carolina 17.01.2011 has a great set of photos from a Yes gig [...]

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Congratulations to eagle-eyed reader.

Congratulations to Russell Whitworth, who discovered the (accidental) deliberate error in the recent list of '10 Albums that Changed My Life'. In number 7 - Miles' Bitches Brew - the Ornette Coleman album is in [...]

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February’s questions answered.

With Genesis c.1976: L-R front: Rutherford, Collins, Hackett. L-R rear: Banks, Bruford. Continuing thanks to all for kind comments about my literary efforts. The book continues to sell steadily on a growing word of mouth [...]

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March Questions answered by Bill…

With Adrian Belew, King Crimson guitarist and singer, c1984 Fernando Hurtado - Date: 28.02.2011 - What do you think the drummer of the future will be? There are great drummers that are doing some great [...]

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Tips on composing drum parts for songs: part 2

Music for the 1997 Summerfold album 'If Summer Had Its Ghosts'. The following fairly complicated question came in, and I thought it might be good to try to air an answer in public. It’s a [...]

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Hayman Drums and April’s Responses

Earthworks, Saarbrucken, Germany, 2004. L-R Gwilym Simcock, Tim Garland, Mark Hodgson, Bill Prompted by the front cover photo of the book, which shows a scarily youthful Bruford in action, plenty of people have asked 'when [...]

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Bass Players, Odd-time Signatures, and Remote Hi-hats…

This picture at Duke University, Raleigh, N.C. in late 1971 shows Bill sound-checking his complete two-floor tom Hayman kit. Note the Hayman snare has been demoted to spare in favour of his ‘Roundabout’ Ludwig snare. [...]

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Limited Edition 2-Disc Vinyl Album ‘From Conception to Birth’

Pictured: the limited edition artwork. As you may have gathered, Foruli Limited Editions Books are publishing a special edition of my autobiography this Fall. Among several other interesting features of this, there is a two-disc vinyl album [...]

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Nature Abhors a Vacuum

No, it's not me when I was younger. It's an unidentified dance-band drummer at Mark Foy's Empress Ballroom, Sydney, Australia. Date unknown. Nature abhors a vacuum. Build roads, attract more cars. Empty cupboard space. Can’t [...]

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Wit and Wisdom on the road…

Kazumi Watanabe Group poster: see Adam Garrie's question below. Hi Everyone – If you haven’t seen Gavin Harrison on a recent Letterman, check it out on youtube. His playing is sublime – and in a [...]

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