Bill has retired from public performance and regrets that he is no longer available for chitchat and advice, but there is vigorous discussion of his work on the Facebook page. Occasional blogs will be posted in VIEWS. Please follow the links below carefully, so we may direct any enquiries to the right place. Thank you.

For queries and requests about the licensing and distribution of Summerfold and Winterfold titles please go to

Enquiries about speaking engagements should be sent to

Bill is not teaching privately, but there are numerous demonstrations of drum technique on YouTube.

UNSOLICITED MATERIALS  with requests for autographs should not be sent: they will be returned unsigned, or destroyed, before they reach Bill. We regret we are unable to accept unsolicited tapes, CDs, DVDs or audio in any format.

AUTOGRAPHS Autographed items are frequently available in the shop

Bill has been interviewed exhaustively on all aspects of his career, particularly those relating to Progressive Rock. His involvement in and thoughts on this are well represented first-hand in the following recommended sources. He would be grateful if these could be referred to before applying for further interviews on the subject:

Progressive Rock in General:

  • Paul Stump (1997) The Music’s All that Matters. A History of Progressive Rock. Quartet Books ISBN 0 7043 8036 6
  • Edward Macan (1997) Rocking the Classics: English Progressive Rock and the Counterculture. Oxford University Press. ISBN0 19 509888 9


  • Chris Welch (1999) Close to the Edge: The Story of Yes Omnibus Press. ISBN 0-7119-6930-2
  • Classic Artists DVD (2007). Yes: Their Definitive Authorised Story. Impact Film Sales Ltd

King Crimson / Robert Fripp

  • Sid Smith (1999) King Crimson: In the Court of King Crimson Helter Skelter Publishing. ISBN 1-900924-26-9
  • Eric Tamm (1990) Robert Fripp: From King Crimson to Guitar Craft. Faber and Faber Inc (US). ISBN 0-571-12912-9


  • Philip Dodd (2007) Genesis: Chapter and Verse. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, Orion Publishing. ISBN 978-0-297-84434-1

Bill Bruford

  • Chris Horne (2004) Contemporary Jazz UK: Twenty One Lives in Jazz P.I.J. Publishing. ISBN 0-9547982-0-1
  • Numerous articles in Modern Drummer, Downbeat etc.
  • Bill Bruford : The Autobiography (2009) London: Jawbone Press ISBN: 978-1-906002-23-7

Emails addressed to may be read but please don’t automatically expect a response. We would remind you that there is an extensive FAQ section that may well have the answer to any further questions. We regret we are unable to accept unsolicited tapes, demos, CDs or DVDs.