News Digest: Summerfold and Winterfold Records releases. Welcome! A lot has been going on at Bruford Towers recently. FYI, and for newcomers to this site who may have just landed here, we usually announce headline happenings on Facebook first and link people to this website for the deeper picture if there is one. Whatever, we’re pleased to see you! Here’s a brief news digest.

       ‘Earthworks Complete’ box set

October: The fall release of the ‘Earthworks Complete’ deluxe box set link has been very well received. “This is how you tell the story of a band” opines the UK’s Jazzwise, “whose influence, vision and sense of wonder underwrite much of the sheer joy in jazz found among the current generation of Brit musicians.” Over at All About Jazz John Kelman considers Earthworks to be a band that “covered and broke a surprising amount of musical turf” and that ‘Earthworks Complete’ is a “tremendous treasure trove of material known and previously unheard”.

Heavenly Bodies Expanded

November: The ‘Heavenly Bodies Expanded’ double CD is the only component of the ‘Earthworks Complete’ box set released as a stand-alone item, drawing from across all the box’s titles. In Bill’s words, it “serves as the ideal ‘beginners’ guide’ for newcomers to the band. Progressive Jazz isn’t a million miles from progressive Rock: both genres prioritise change from inside and out. People would come away from our gigs saying “I didn’t think I liked jazz, but if that’s jazz, I love it!”


December: also making a welcome return to the stores are the expanded and remixed 2017 editions of two of Bill’s best-loved albums, Feels Good To Me and One of a Kind. Previously only available as part of the ‘Seems Like a Lifetime Ago’ box set, these two are flying off the shelves in this Holiday Season.

And if that’s not enough, Bill has blogged up some sage advice for beginners, anxious mothers and those who still believe that drums aren’t a ‘real’ musical instrument in a list of Top Ten Myths about Drumming.


We’ll give you a rest over the New Year, but coming up first on the 2020 re-issue schedule will be ‘Double Time’. This two disc set will contain the ‘Winterfold Collection (1978-1986)’ and the previously unavailable DVD  ‘Bruford and the Beat’. Partly tutorial, partly performance and partly a celebration of the art of drumming, this film looks at Bill’s work in progressive rock bands Yes and King Crimson. The film includes live performance footage filmed in the USA in 1982, as well as solos, interviews, demonstrations and footage of Bill in performance with King Crimson.

Since you’re here, do have a good look around this site. It’s a  mine of information on Bill’s career and life. If we don’t see you beforehand, have a great Holiday Season, thanks for your support, and see you in 2020.

Double Time