Gong taking a rest-stop, Norway December 1974: L-R unidentified, unidentified, Carolyn Bruford, Mike Howlett (bass), Didier Malherbe (saxophone).

Michael DeAngury from Charlotte, North Carolina 17.01.2011 has a great set of photos from a Yes gig in Durham, North Carolina at Duke University’s Indoor Stadium on November 20th 1971. If you’d like to see pictures of the young Yes on tour around then go to his facebook page, Michael DeAngury, and click on his photos. You will see a photo album there titled “Ten Years After and Yes (The Fragile Tour) November 20 1971”. Thanks for sending that through, Michael.

Jay Kuhn – Date 22.01.2011 – studying Charlie Parker’s ‘Ornithology’, “was fingering the first part of the melody in the first measure and it occurred to me I have heard this somewhere else….A few days later I was driving and it popped into my head. The same melody is in the first measure of Long Distance Runaround. Do you know if the line was lifted from Ornithology?”

The notes are not quite the same Jay, but close! To my certain knowledge the Parker tune was never mentioned in rehearsal, and I doubt Rick Wakeman would have known it, but Steve Howe might have ingested it though his blood stream. Clothing suggestions appreciated!

Michael O’Connor – Date: 24.01.2011 – noticed there was “nothing about ProjeKct 1 in the book. The shows that were done sounded great. What happened with that? I like the vintage photos you have posted. I was curious if you had any of Gong when you were in the group. Always seemed like a strange fit to me…”

Michael: I just listened to Pojeckt 1 for the first time in a while. Not being able to remember anything about it puts me in the same space as a first time listener, and I was able to enjoy it on that level. Not too shabby at all. What happened with it is that as far as I could understand it these KC Fractals were only to be put together for short blasts, and never designed to last. We wanted to be able to play without the weight of expectation of the Crimson legacy and repertoire, with no worries about ‘where this might be going’. A pity with the book was that I couldn’t cover everything. The only picture that I have of my brief sojourn with Gong is above. I’m the photographer. Best I can do!

Jean Janecki – Date: 28.01.2011 – is wondering if there are any plans for translating my autobiography into Spanish at any time soon.

Jean, there has been interest from both Spanish and French publishers, but no publication dates agreed yet.

Todd Thompson – Date: 30.01.2011 – wants to know always if the various metals that you I used with King Crimson were “store-bought” instruments or things that I found that sounded good…

Todd, definitely not store bought. There are many more items available today that do weird and wonderful things that you can buy from drum stores, but in my day it was what you found lying around. Bits of brass,‘gun-metal’. and steel were cut into different size rectangular plates for various pitches, mostly random, nothing very scientific. But used in a flurry or shower of notes they could be effective, most notably as the drama builds in the guitar solo on Starless from K.C.’s Red.

Tina Thompson – Date: 02.02.2011 – says she has “enjoyed all your incarnations from prog rock to jazz. Thank you for making my life a lot more wonderful. And yes, you do have female fans…”

Wonderful! Thanks for the support Tina, and glad to hear also that you enjoyed the book.