There have been several requests for more signed copies of the autobiography to be made available. Once again the ever-helpful Tama Drums has stepped into the breach – Bill has signed and dated a small consignment which has shipped from the UK and is now available direct from the US Tama Store. Hurry on over while stocks last.

If you ever wanted to know anything about Paiste cymbals, let Ed Clift be your guide. In this very well shot and recorded full-length ‘video for webcast’, Ed – an excellent drummer – plays a variety of music to demonstrate the use of the dozens of different sounds and types of cymbals, gongs, crotales, cup chimes and heaven only knows what else. Go to Rog’s Talkin Drumz, scroll down to “Episode #2: Ed Clift and Paiste Cymbals” – select HD, sit back, and listen with headphones, as AUDIO is the best part.